One-on-one life Coaching is totally tailored to the clients’ needs, in which the coach helps  the individual identify his or her’s strengths and challenges, and to establish strategies to achieve personal goals.

The process consists of removing obstacles and limiting beliefs that stand in the way. It is a partnership between the coach and the coachee, where the goal is to achieve success for the individual.

Every human being has an innate intelligence and potential. Coaching is an alliance that strives to help the individual live up to this potential.

Life coaching

One-to-one coaching:

Aimed for leaders and entrepreneurs.   These sessions are focused on the development of organizational talent, leadership and management skills, conversational and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution,  interpersonal agility, negotiation tools, time management, and career plans.

Through Individual Executive Coaching you will:

  • Maximize your  full potential,  increase creativity, productivity and efficiency.
  • Create a vision for the future,
  • Effectively manage your time and priorities, helping you achieve a better work life balance.
  • Build self-trust, elevate  awareness and self observation,
  • Be inspired and able to inspire others.

Team Coaching


Through my methodology, teams will acquire excellent communication skills and synergy, establish clear objectives,  and focus their energy on the same specific goals, yielding confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Group Coaching

Since March 2020, we have come to the realization that we, as human beings, need tools to navigate challenging times with ease, prioritize our mental health, raise our energy, and practice mindfulness. This new coaching style will give you the opportunity to experience the coaching process with more people, who just like you, want to develop the best version of themselves. The support in a group setting will enrich your coaching experience.

The cost of these sessions is much lower than that of individual coaching.

My goal is to give every single person that is looking for transformation, an affordable option. I believe that anyone who is looking for personal growth and transformation, especially in these uncertain times, should be able to do so.

I want to share with you my unique methodology that has already worked with hundreds of my clients; and that has transformed their lives!

I really hope to see you soon!