I am honored to be the founder and director of Namasté Coaching.  My 21 years of experience as a coach have given me the tools to lead each one of my clients through different life processes in order to improve their lives, careers and interpersonal relationships.

Through Namasté coaching, I’ve been honored with the opportunity to work with amazing companies in México and abroad. I’ve been able to collaborate in the creation of better and more effective organizations. But above all, I have seen my clients flourish, and witnessed  how they achieve their short, medium and long-term goals. I feel blessed to accompany each of them on a journey to rediscover themselves, raise their level of consciousness, learn that they are the creators of their life and watch them transform step by step, feel inspired and rediscover their life mission in order to be more satisfied with themselves  and their surroundings !

I studied a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Universidad Iberoamericana and obtained a Master’s Degree in Humanistic Psychology from the same institution.

I am a certified Executive Coach by Franklin Covey and the “Chopra Center for Well Being”,.

I am a member of the ICF and I am honored to be part of The Creating We Institute team of coaches and consultants,  founded by Judith Glaser.

For more than 15 years I also discovered and studied different passions, like Kabbalah, which I had the honor of studying with various wonderful teachers. I have also been passionate about Yoga and meditation, hiking and being near my loved ones.

Over these twenty one years  I have curated my methodology which has worked for hundreds of clients!

I specialize in: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Change Management, Team Coaching, Group Coaching and Life Coaching, Conversational Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.

“My clients meet their goals and those of their organizations: they create successful teams, healthy families and become outstanding leaders.”

I guarantee that in each coaching session you will obtain the necessary tools that will allow you to create new possibilities and implement new strategies to live the life you have dreamed of.