Steph Amor

“In 2019 I started the coaching process with Rebe, who has now marked a before and after in my life. I met her in one of my most critical moments, where after living almost all my adult life judging myself, with a series of limiting beliefs and with more and more responsibilities and challenges, my self-confidence and self-esteem began to be greatly affected. I was stuck in an increasingly heavy cycle where there seemed to be no way out. With her guidance, I learned to find myself and value myself, I learned new tools that have given me the opportunity to start from scratch and create a totally different reality and then visualize, transform and approach different challenges and pressures in different ways. Without this process and without her guidance I would not have made it. I recovered the confidence and security in myself that I did not know for several years. I transformed my life into opportunities and not struggles, and that is why I will never stop being grateful to this wonderful woman. Thank you Rebe for giving us your light, your love, your patience, for touching and transforming so many lives as only you know how to do it! You are a little angel to me!